Clubs In Other Places

Clubs In Other Places


  • Fort Campbell is part of the Greater Clarksville Chapter.
  • GNC™s in Ft. C schools have been meeting since 2010.
  • GNC™s help offer stability in the often changing lives of military families.
  • GNC™s minister to the needs of military children.
  • Military children attend schools on post but also at many off-post schools.

Want to thank a soldier? Invest some time in their children through the Good News Club®. We are so thankful to be able to minister to the children of the soldiers that serve our country on Ft. Campbell!

Daycares and Preschools

Absolutely! Kids of all ages can learn about Jesus … we just need teams of willing Christians to be trained and equipped to take the Gospel to them.


Zoom Good News Club®s began in March 2020 when Covid shut down the schools, and the school clubs. This is an excellent way to reach many children who may not be able to attend an in-person club. The best thing about these clubs is that we get to take the Gospel of Jesus right into the children’s homes for everyone to hear.



Parks, neighborhoods, apartment complexes, homes, summer camps, churches…anywhere children are!
What a great opportunity to go on mission to the richest harvest field… without leaving your city!

When Schools Closed Due to the Pandemic, God Led us in a Different Direction. Some Places We’ve Ministered to Children Have Been:

  • 15 online Good News Club® began shortly after the pandemic shut down the schools. More online GNC™s will be done, as needed, with or without a pandemic.
  • A school club met in the sponsoring church across the street from the school, with the GNC™ team walking the children over. Another club met at the sponsoring church near the school, driving the children over in the church’s vans.
  • A GNC™ met outside in a low income housing area all summer and when the weather began getting cool, a nearby church volunteered their van and church facility to continue the club through the winter months;
  • A 6-week GNC™ was held outdoors at an apartment complex until darkness and cold prevented meetings. The team started back again in the spring when weather permitted. This club continues to meet in the spring and fall and for special events. We are hopeful to, one day, have an indoor space to use at this facility.
  • Two Good News Club®s met on Ft. Campbell in the chapels teaching home/virtual schoolers while their moms were in Bible study;
  • A Good News Club® met in a mobile home park, weather permitting;
  • We are constantly looking for other places to do Good News Club®s, and people who are willing to step up to serve in them (daycares; preschools; apartment complexes; neighborhoods; parks; anywhere children are).

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