Serve In Other Ways

Serve In Other Ways

Serve on the Committee

Each CEF® chapter has a team of business and/or ministry-minded Christians (typically 12-17) that volunteer at least 15 hours a month.

Committee members:

  • Pray for the chapter, the staff and the overall ministry and help encourage others to pray as well;
  • Give accountability, oversight and direction to the overall work of the chapter;
  • Actively help share the ministry with others;
  •  Help gather the needed resources (people, finances and other ministry needs);
  • Brainstorm problem areas and more.

In addition, the Committee meets one evening each month to pray and plan.  Perhaps God might use your business and/or ministry expertise in this indispensable and much needed area.

Summer Ministry

In order to have a successful summer ministry, our CYIA™ers will need some help:

  • Chaperones/drivers: Many of our CYIA™ers are not driving yet or don’t have a vehicle of their own.  Adult volunteers are needed who can help transport and oversee one or more 5-Day Clubs.  The CYIA™ers are well trained and do all of the teaching, but adult supervision is always wise. 5-Day Clubs are typically held in June and July.


    • Help at the CYIA™ camp (typically held the first week of June): Adults are needed to help in the kitchen, help with crowd control, games and more.  If you can help for one day or for the entire week, let us know.


    • Coordinate CYIA™ers and/or 5-Day Clubs at your church: Ideally, each church we serve with has a 5-Day Club coordinator who can help encourage young people to be part of the CYIA™ program and encourage adults to help provide 5-Day Club locations.   This person would be the liaison with the CEF® office and would help advertise the program within the church.


    • Coordinate a 5DC at your church: CEF® would provide a team of CYIA™ers to come do all the teaching each day of your 5-Day Club.  Your church would invite the children, provide snacks, plan games, crafts, decorations or whatever else you wanted to include.  This 5-Day Club could take the place of your VBS or be in addition to your VBS; and it could take place at your church or at another location.


  • Host a 5-Day Club in your home or other location that you are connected to.

Join a Prayer Team

Emails are sent out several times a month to this prayer team with prayer needs concerning clubs, battles we are currently fighting, doors that need to be opened and the needs of the chapter as a whole.

Sign up for a Prayer Team

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